Blessed Adalbero of Lambach

[Saint Adalbero of Lambach]Also known as

  • Adalbero of Würzburg
  • Adalberone di Lambach
  • Adalberon



Son of Count Arnold II of Lambach, Austria and Countess Reginlint. Studied in the cathedral school at W├╝rzburg, Germany, and in Paris, France. Member of the court of King Henry III. Helped found the Benedictine abbey of Lambach c.1040. Bishop of Würzburg, Germany in 1045. Worked for reform of the clergy and religious orders in his diocese, and helped broker the Peace of Speyer in 1075. Driven from his see in 1085 for supporting Pope Saint Gregory VII against Emperor Henry IV in the investiture controversy. Unable to govern his bishopric while in exile, he retired to the life of a monk at Lambach.





  • holding a church
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