Blessed Amatus Ronconi

[Blessed Amatus Ronconi]Also known as

  • Amato



Born to a wealthy family, Amatus was orphaned when very young and grew up in the home of his older brother Giacomo. Feeling a call to live according to the gospel, he devoted himself to caring for the poor and helping pilgrims. Franciscan tertiary. Constructed combination chapel and shelters for pilgrims including the Beato Amato Ronconi Nursing Home which still exists. Made four pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Benedictine lay brother.





  • on 15 April 2014 Pope Francis promulgated a decree of a miracle obtained through the intercession of Blessed Amatus
  • if you have information relevant to this Cause, contact
       Fra Ernesto Piacentini, OFMConv
       Pia Unione del Beato Amato
       Via Roma, 2
       47835 Saludecio (RN), ITALY


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