Blessed Angela Salawa

Also known as

  • Aniela Salawa



Daughter of Salaw Bartlomiej and Ewa Bochenek, the youngest of ten children in a pious tradesman’s family. She received two years of formal education, and at age 12 began work as a domestic in nearby homes. On 27 April 1900 she joined the Saint Zita Assocation, a religious group for maids. Within this church-centered place, Angela felt at home, and devoted her free time to the house, the church, and a call to religion, attending Mass daily and in routine contact with Franciscans. She was unable to enter religious life due to poor health, and continued to work as a maid and to mentor other young women. She became a Franciscan tertiary on 15 March 1912. Worked as a nurse in a Krakow hospital during World War I, spending her own money and any that she could beg to buy better food for injured soldiers. In 1917 her health collapsed completely; she spent the last five years of her life in a small room, surviving on the charity of the Saint Zita Association, and spending her time in prayer.






  • if you have information relevant to the canonization of Blessed Angela, contact
       Sanktuarium Bl. Anieli Salawy
       Siepraw 1017
       32-447 Siepraw
       woj. Malopolskie, POLAND
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“Aniela Salawa can serve as an example of a strong faith, a perfect conformity with God’s will and an unusual piety.” – Pope John Paul II

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