Blessed Elisabetta Canori Mora



Born to a wealthy Italian noble family, the daughter of Tommaso and Teresa Primoli. She married Cristoforo Mora on 10 January 1796. Cristoforo, a lawyer, was jealous, controlling, and became suspicious of Elisabetta’s family ties; he finally became resentful, abusive, then cold and indifferent to her. Along the way they had four daughters, two of whom died in infancy. Cristoforo took up with another woman, spent the family funds on her, and finally deserted Elisabetta and the girls, leaving them in poverty. Elisabetta’s health broke, she became very ill, and was finally compelled to sell inherited jewelry and her wedding dress to pay her bills. She dedicated herself to caring for her children, to prayer, and to a quiet ministry of caring for the sick and the poor, especially poor families. Trinitarian tertiary. Her reputation for holiness spread, as did a reputation for mystic experiences and miracles. Her prayers certainly achieved one amazing result – after her death, Cristoforo changed his life, joined in the Franciscans, and became a priest in Sezze, Italy.






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