Blessed Maria Mercedes Prat

[Blessed Maria Mercedes Prat]Also known as

  • Mercedes of the Sacred Heart
  • Mercedes Prat y Prat
  • Mercè Prat i Prat
  • Maria Mercè of the Sacred Heart



Baptized on 7 March 1880, and made her First Holy Communion on 30 June 1890. She was a pious child who attended Mass nearly every day. Devoted student, a painter, and she excelled in needlework. Nun, entering the Society of Saint Teresa of Jesus in 1904 in Tortosa, Spain. Assigned to the motherhouse in Barcelona, Spain in 1920. On 19 July 1936 her community was forced by anti-Catholic government authorities to abandon their house and school. Mercedes was arrested and executed for the crime of being a nun.






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