Capital of Tyrol, Austria. The name of the Roman station Veldidena was preserved in the Abbey of Wilten which guarded the bridge over the Inn. The present name was first used in 1187. In 1420 it became capital of the countship of Typol. Until 1665 the counts were almost independent. Among the buildings of interest are the Franciscan or court church of the 16th century containing the tomb or Maximilian, university, Ferdinandeum (museum), and Jesuit church. The Royal Imperial Leopold Francis University was founded by Peter Canisius in 1562, as a college and was made a university in 1673. It remained under Jesuit control until suppressed by Joseph II in 1781. It was allowed to be continued as a lyceum a.nd was finally restored in 1826. In 1857 through the efforts of the Bishop of Brixen the theology was given to the Jesuits. There are now faculties of theology, philosophy, law, and medicine. A number of priests in the United States have been educated there.

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