Pope Innocent VI

[coat of arms of Pope Innocent VI] Reigned from 18 December 1352 to 12 September 1362. Born c.1287 near Pompadour, Limoges, France as Etienne Aubert; died on 12 September 1362 at Avignon, France. He was Bishop of Noyon, and of Clermont, cardinal-priest, Cardinal-bishop of Ostia, and Grand Penitentiary. As pope he banished luxury from his court and commanded visiting clergy to leave Avignon and repair to their "respective places of residence. Through his legate, Cardinal Gil de Albornoz, the papal authority was restored in the States of the Church. His relations with the German King, Charles IV, were peaceful. He renewed the privileges of the mendicant orders, patronized art, and was noted for his integrity.

New Catholic Dictionary

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