Paul Allard

(1841-1916) Catholic archaelogist and historian of the persecutions, born Rouen, France; died Senneville-sur-Mer, France. Had a minute knowledge of Christian archaeology, especially in regard to the Roman catacombs. He translated Northcote and Brownlow's Roma Sotterranea (1874) and enriched it with valuable notes and additions. Editor of "Revue des questions historiques" and president of the Congress of Catholics of Normandy in 1883, he also participated in the International Catholic Scientific Congress held in Paris, 1888-1891. He was a member of the Academy of Rouen, the Academy of the Catholic Religion (Rome), and the Pontifical Academy of Archaeology. He was author of the following ecclesiastical histories of the early Christians: Christian Slaves from the Early Days of the Church until the End of the Roman Power in the West; Christian Art under the Pagan Emperors; History of the Persecutions; Christianity and the Roman Empire; Saint Basil; Julian the Apostate; Ten Lessons on the Martyrs.

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