Anglin, Timothy Warren

(1822-1896) Statesman and journalist, born Clonakilty, Cork, Ireland; died Canada. He emigrated to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, 1849; founded "The Morning Freeman" there, 1851; and opposed as too drastic and unworkable the measure prohibiting the manufacture and sale of alcoholic liquors, passed by the legislature of New Brunswick, and repealed at its next session. He was the first Catholic returned to Parliament from the city and county of Saint John, and became speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, 1874-1877. He fought the anti-separate school legislation of New Brunswick, and forced a compromise allowing Catholics to have their own schools and teachers to give religious instruction before and after school hours. He became a member of the editorial staff of the "Toronto Globe," 1883, and editor-in-chief of the "Toronto Tribune," a Catholic weekly, 1874-1885.

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