Argenson, Pierre de Voyer, Viscount D'

(1626-1710) Fifth Governor-General of Canada. Of an old Touraine family he was educated for the Church, tonsured in 1636, but entered the army, taking an important part in the sieges of Portolongone, La Bassee, Ypres, and Bordeaux, and the battle of Lens. As councillor of State and governor of Canada (1657-1661), D'Argenson advised the French king to grant self-government to the Canadian colonists. Conflicts between Church and State were constantly arising during the French rule because of D' Argenson's wish that his noblemen rank above the ecclesiastical dignitaries. He was a devout churchman, however, and so affected by his inability to get along with the bishop, and other hardships which he was forced to suffer, that he requested his own recall, and in 1661 returned to France.

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