archdiocese of Baghdad, Mesopotamia (Iraq)

See of the Latin and Syrian Rites.

(1) In the Latin Rite the see is directly dependent on the Holy See. Founded at Ispahan, 1629, transferred to Baghdad, 1742, and raised to an archbishopric, 1848, it comprises the missions of Baghdad, founded, 1721, and entrusted to the Discalced Carmelites, and that of Mosul, dating from 1750 and placed in care of the Dominicans. The archiepiscopal residence is at Mosul. Francis Berre was appointed to the see, 1921, succeeding John Drure, archbishop from 1902. See also: (2) The see of the Syrian Rite was established in 1862, and comprises Baghdad and Bassorah. See also:
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