Bañez, Domingo

(1523-1604) Theologian, born Medina del Campo, Spain; died there. He joined the Dominicans, 1546, and became eminent as an exponent and defender of Thomistic doctrine. His life was devoted to teaching in the universities of Avila. Alcala, Salamanca, and the Dominican college at Valladolid. For many years he was Saint Teresa's spiritual director. He wrote commentaries on the Summa of Saint Thomas, and on several of Aristotle's works, but his name is better known in connection with the controversy originating, 1558, in the publication of the Jesuit Molina's treatise on free will and grace. To appease the resulting dissension, appeal was made to the Inquisition and finally to the Holy See, which resulted in permission for those on both sides to continue to teach their own views.

New Catholic Dictionary

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