(or Abulfaraj) (Son of the Hebrew) (1226-1286) Philosopher, theologian, and historian, born Malatia, Armenia; died Maragha, Persia. He was the son of a Jewish convert to the Jacobite Rite. In 1246 he was consecrated bishop and in 1264 he became Maphrian or Primate of the East. The variety, extent, and erudition of his writings are almost beyond comprehension. His principal works are: The Storehouse of Secrets, a doctrinal and critical commentary on the entire Bible; The Cream of Science, an encyclopedia of human learning; Chronicon, a universal history; compendiums of logic, dialectics, physics, and metaphysics; treatises on theology, canon law, ethics, rhetoric, mathematics, medicine, and other sciences; and an autobiography.

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