Batiffol, Pierre

(1861-1929) Prelate and historian, born Paris; died there. He was first chaplain at the College Sainte Barbe, 1889-1898, during which period he published his History of the Roman Breviary. In 1898 he became rector of the Catholic University of Toulouse, which position he resigned after nine years. During his rectorship he published Etudes d'histoire et de theologie positive, L'Enseignement de Jesus, and L'Eucharistie, which was placed on the Index and then duly approved after corrections. He spent the remainder of his life in Paris, where he wrote a series of scholarly essays on early church history: L'Eglise naissante et le Catholicisme, translated under the title Primitive Catholicism, La Paix Constantinienne, Le Catholicisme de Saint Augustin, Le Siege Apostolique, and a biography of Saint Gregory the Great. Their apologetical value cannot be exaggerated. He also took an important part in the Mechlin Conversations, publishing afterwards a book of essays, called Catholicisme et Papauté (Catholicism and Papacy).

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