Variously conceived and defined. One extreme regards beauty as an independent quality inherent in things; the other extreme, as entirely of the perceiving mind. The middle course includes both objective and subjective elements and a mutual correspondence. The beautiful is that which gives pleasure by its mere perception, involving an activity of sense, imagination, and intellect aroused by objective qualities variously assigned. "Order" is the conceded fundamental quality implying others proposed. Requisites of beauty are: integrity, harmony, and a clarity impressing without effort of the beholder. There is a spiritual beauty as well as that which is perceived in material objects. One form of it consists in the ideals which these latter suggest. Its principal form is found in the lives of good people, whose cnaracters shine forth in their features, manner, and carriage. The beauty of the ceremonies of the Catholic Church are attuned to the noblest aspirations of the soul, elevating it to the contemplation and love of God.

New Catholic Dictionary

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