Benjamin, Tribe of

One of the 12 tribes of Israel, founded by Benjamin. Moses pronounced a special blessing upon this tribe (Deuteronomy, 33), which at the division of the territory of Chanaan under Josue, obtained its share between the frontiers of Ephraim, Dan, and Juda (Joshua 18). In the time of the Judges, it was involved in a war with the other tribes (Judges 19). Later, the first King of Israel, Saul, was chosen from the tribe of Benjamin (1 Kings 9). At the death of Solomon, the 10 tribes separated from Roboam; but the tribe of Benjamin, with that of Juda, remained faithful (3 Kings 12). These two formed the Kingdom of Juda, and they became, after the Babylonian captivity, the germ of a reestablished nation (1 Esdras 4 and 10).

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