Benson, Robert Hugh

(1871-1914) Priest, author, born Wellington College, England; died Salford. Son of Edward Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury, he was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, received Anglican orders 1894, entered the Catholic Church, 1903, was ordained, and became assistant priest at Cambridge, but retired from pastoral work, 1908, to devote himself to preaching and writing. His writings include "The Light Invisible," "By What Authority?," "The Conventionalists," "Lord of the World," "Come Rack! Come Rope!," "The Coward," "Oddsfish," "Initiation," "The Queen's Tragedy," "The Upper Room," "The Mirror of Shalott," "The Dawn of All," "Confessions of a Convert," "An Average Man," "Paradoxes of Catholicism," "The Friendship of Christ," "Book of the Love of Jesus," "The City Set on a Hill," "The Religion of a Plain Man," "Alphabet of the Saints in Rhyme," and "A Mystery Play in Honor of the Nativity of Our Lord."

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