Besse, Jean Martial Léon

(1851-1920) Monastic historian, born Saint Angel, Correze, France; died Chevetogne, Namur, Belgium. A Benedictine monk, he was sent as master of novices to restore the ancient Abbey of Saint Wandrille de Fontenelle. In 1895 he was appointed professor of history and director of the Apostolic school at the monastery in Silos, Spain. During the World War he directed the weekly publication of the newspaper, "L'Univers." His royalist sympathies inspired him to write "The Church and the Monarchy." He was founder of the "Bulletin de Saint Martin," "Revue Mabillon," and "La vie et les arts liturgiques." His literary works include: "The Monks of Ancient France," crowned by the French Academy, "The Benedictine Monk," "The Monks of the Orient," "The African Monarchy," "Ecclesiastical Studies after the Method of Mabillon," and "Saint Wandrille."

New Catholic Dictionary

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