(1) Military order dedicated to Our Lady of Bethlehem, wearing a habit like the Dominicans and a red star. They came from Palestine to Bohemia, 1217, and now devote themselves to care of the sick and education.

(2) Order of knights dedicated to Our Lady of Bethlehem, founded by Pope Pius II, 1453, for the defense of the island of Lemnos, but soon suppressed owing to the recapture of the island by the Turks.

(3) Hospitallers, founded by Venerable Pedro de Betancourt, c.1650, at Guatemala, to care for the sick and prisoners, and teach poor children; confirmed by Rome, 1673; extended to Peru, 1672. They had 33 houses of monks and one of nuns, in Central and South America at the time of their suppression by the government, 1820.

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