Dom Henry Norbert Birt

(1861-1919) Ecclesiastical historian, born Valparaiso, Chile; died London, England. He entered the Benedictine Order at Downside Abbey, England, 1880, was ordained, 1889, and after a period of teaching and parochial work at Coventry, became assistant and secretary to Abbot Francis Gasquet, army chaplain during the South African war, and to the home forces during the World War. He served prominently on the Committee of the Catholic Truth Society and was on the Council of the Catholic Record Society. His works include: Elizabethan Religious Settlement; History of Downside School; Lingard's History Abridged; Benedictine Pioneers in Australia; Obit Book of the English Benedictines; and articles for the Catholic Encyclopedia and for various Catholic periodicals.

New Catholic Dictionary

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