Thomas Edward Bridgett

Priest, author, born Derby, England, 1829; died Clapham, 1899. Educated at Saint John's College, Cambridge, as a member of the Church of England, he left without a degree rather than take the Oath of Supremacy. In 1850 he became a Catholic and joined the Redemptorists. For 40 years he was an active missionary and founded the Confraternity of the Holy Family at Limerick, Ireland. His writings include "Spirit and Truth," "Our Lady's Dowry," "The History of the Holy Eucharist in Great Britain," which contains the most eloquent plea for Catholic ceremonial ever written, "The Life of Blessed John Fisher," "The True Story of the Catholic Hierarchy deposed by Queen Elizabeth," "Blunders and Forgeries," "Life of Blessed Thomas More," "Lyra Hieratica," and "Sonnets and Epigrams."

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