Simon Gabriel Bruté

[Simon Gabriel Bruté] First Bishop of Vincennes (present see, Indianapolis), born Rennes, France, 1779; died Vincennes, Indiana, 1839. After studying medicine from 1796-1803, he entered the Seminary of Saint Sulpice and was ordained, 1808. In 1810 he sailed with Bishop-elect Flaget, of Bardstown, for America. He taught philosophy two years at Saint Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, removing in 1812 to Saint Mary's, Emmitsburg. For several years he directed Mother Elizabeth Seton, foundress of the Sisters of Charity in the United States. He was consecrated Bishop of Vincennes in 1834, his diocese comprising Indiana and northern Illinois. In 1836, with funds collected in Europe, he established a seminary in which he taught, an orphan asylum, and a free school. At his death there were 23 churches in his diocese.

New Catholic Dictionary

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