Charles Butler

Lawyer, writer, and Catholic leader, nephew of Father Alban Butler. Born in London, England on 14 August 1750; died there on 2 June 1832. He was educated at the English College, Douai, studied law in England, and as his religious affiliations constituted ineligibility for the bar, became a conveyancer. He joined the agitation for repeal of the Penal Laws, was made secretary to the committee to promote the repeal, and in 1791 on the passing of the bill for partial relief he was called to the bar. He was a conspicuous figure in the controversies among the Catholic laymen and clergy in connection with the Catholic Committee and was the leading opponent of Bishop Milner. His works include Reminiscences, Horae Biblicae, Hargrave's Coke on Littleton, On Impressing Seamen, Historical Memoir of English, Scottish, and Irish Catholics, Life of Erasmus, and a Continuation of Alban Butler's Saints' Lives. Some of his works are available online at Project Gutenberg.

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