Cambridge Summer School of Catholic Studies, The

Cambridge, England, a development, with papal approval, of the Catholic Bible Congress held at Cambridge in 1921, but with a wider scope so as to comprehend the explanation of the truths of the Faith by competent lecturers from the secular and regular clergy. The papers read and discussed are subsequently published in book form under the editorship of the Reverend C. Lattey, S.J. The character of the work accomplished by the Cambridge Summer School may be estimated from the following volumes already published: "The Religion of the Scriptures," 1921; "Catholic Faith in the Holy Eucharist," 1922; "The Papacy," 1923; "Saint Thomas Aquinas," 1924; "The Incarnation," 1925; "The Atonement," 1926; "The Church," 1927; and "The English Martyrs" (edited by Reverend Dom Bede Camm, O.S.B.), 1928. It has been well said that every volume contains contributions from scholars "who in every instance represent the best Catholic culture in English science and letters."

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