Campbell, Thomas

(1848-1925) Writer, born New York, New York, USA; died Monroe, New York, USA. Educated at Saint Francis Xavier's College, New York, he entered the Jesuit novitiate near Montreal, 1867, and after teaching at various colleges of the order, studied theology at Louvain, 1878-1882, where he was ordained. He was provincial of the Maryland-New York Province, 1888-1893, twice rector of Fordham University, 1885-1888 and 1896-1901, associate editor of "The Messenger of the Sacred Heart," 1901-1908, and editor of "America," 1910-1914. He was the author of "Pioneer Priests of North America," "Names of God," a translation from Lessius, "Pioneer Laymen of North America," "Various Discourses," a collection of sermons, and the important historical work, "The Jesuits."

New Catholic Dictionary

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