Cano, Melchior

(1509-1560) Dominican theologian, born Tarancón, Spain; died Toledo. Educated at Salamanca and the College of Saint Gregory, Valladolid, he taught philosophy and theology, obtaining the first chair of theology at Alcala, and succeeding his former master, Francis de Victoria, at Salamanca, 1546. He rendered important service in the deliberations and achievements of the Council of Trent. In 1552 Charles V presented him for the bishopric of the Canary Islands, but he resigned soon after preconization. He was rector of Saint Gregory's College at Valladolid, 1553, and prior of Saint Stephen's at Salamanca, 1557. His election as provincial of his order was contested, but finally confirmed by Pius IV. His great work "De locistheologicis," ranking with the best productions of the Renaissance, is a treatise on theological method, the outcome of a movement to restore the best patristic learning and to give to theological science a purer diction and an improved literary form.

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