Cartier, Jacques

[Jacques Cartier] (1491-1557) Discoverer, born Saint-Malo, France; died there. He sailed from Saint-Malo, 1534, with two sixty-ton ships, and 120 men, and in 20 days made Cape Bonavista, Newfoundland. After exploring the coast of Labrador to Brest, and the west coast of Newfoundland to Cape Saint John, he returned to France, the entire voyage lasting 137 days. In 1535, with three ships, he ascended the Saint Lawrence to Hochelaga (Montreal) and wintered at Stadacoma (Quebec); after planting a cross there, he returned to France. In 1541 Cartier wintered at the mouth of the Cap-Rouge River, naming the settlement Charlesbourg-Royal. His fourth voyage (1543) was undertaken to relieve the colonizer Roberval.

New Catholic Dictionary

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