Casgrain, Henri Raymond

(1831-1904) Author, born Riviere Ouelle, Canada; died Quebec. He was ordained priest, 1856. Due to ill health, he was obliged to abandon his clerical duties, and henceforth devoted himself to literary pursuits. As historian, poet, and literary critic, he exercised considerable influence upon intellectual movements in Canada. Some of his writings, among them "Pilgrimage to the Land of Evangeline," have been honored by the French Academy. He was professor of history at Laval University, and president of the Royal Society of Canada (1889-1890). His works include: "History of Mother Mary of the Incarnation," "History of the Quebec Hospital," "A Canadian Parish of the Seventeenth Century," "The Sulpicians and Priests of the Foreign Missions of Acadia," "Canadian Pioneers," and "The Picture of the River Ouelle." He also wrote biographies of Gaspe, Garneau, Cremazie, and Chauveau.

New Catholic Dictionary

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