Catholic Central Verein of America

Organization formed at Baltimore, Maryland, 1855, by the union of 11 benevolent societies whose members were Catholics of German birth or descent. Its aims are to promote a Christian philosophy of life, to apply its ideals to industrial, commercial, social, civic, and political problems, to defend religious liberty, to promote the restoration of society on a Christian basis, to foster brotherly love among its members, to advance civic virtues and the fulfilment of public duty, and to work for an increase of justice and charity in all human relations. It has exerted its influence in the field of Catholic education and has aided German immigrants by the founding of the Leo Home in New York, 1881. It maintains a Central Bureau in Saint Louis, Missouri, and state federations and societies have become affiliated with it, so that it now comprises 20 state leagues of which 1,280 societies are members and has a total enrollment of 90,000. It publishes a monthly organ, the "Central Blatt and Social Justice."

New Catholic Dictionary

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