Catholic Council for International Relations, The

Founded in 1924 under the presidency of Cardinal Bourne and composed of representatives of 19 Catholic societies of England, Scotland, and Wales. Its aim is to assist the sovereign pontiff in his efforts to establish "the Peace of Christ in the Reign of Christ." It endeavors to give Catholics in Great Britain a greater and more sympathetic knowledge of their fellow Catholics in other countries; to create a Catholic public opinion, informed by the tradition of the Church, which shall be a real power for international justice and peace; to enable Catholics to understand, appreciate, and when necessary, criticize from the standpoint of religion, the international organizations and movements of the day. The Cattholic Council for International Relations supplies to Catholic schools and societies, lecturers on the various aspects of Catholic life abroad, the pacific function of the Holy See, the League of Nations, and such international topics. It has held conferences at Reading, Oxford, Southend, London, and Birmingham, and arranged for British representation at Catholic international congresses on many subjects, in Europe. By means of pamphlets and the quarterly publication of "A Catholic Survey," it establishes Catholic principles of international morality and justice. It is affiliated to the "Union Catholique d'Etudes Internationales," and is in touch with Catholic peace-societies all over the world. (E.V.W.)

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