Catholic Social Guild

An organization in England to promote interest in social questions among Catholics, and to aid in the practical application of the Church's principles to existing social conditions. It was established, 1909, as the result of a meeting held at the annual conference of the Catholic Truth Society, Manchester, 1909, and adopted Leo XIII's Encyclical, "On the Condition of the Working Classes," as its charter and program. It functions as a teaching service, publishes books and pamphlets on social problems, maintains meetings, conferences, study clubs, summer schools and a college for workingmen at Oxford, and holds examinations for social workers. It acts as it bureau of information, national and international. The headquarters of the guild were established at Oxford, 1919, and the following year the publication of "The Christian Democrat," a monthly which is the official organ of the guild, was begun. Among the noted publications of the society are: "The Primer of Peace and War" by Plater, "The Nation's Crisis" by Cardinal Bourne and "The Worker's Right to Live" by Father Bernard Vaughan.

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