Catholic Theater Movement, The

A society founded, 1912, by John Cardinal Farley, to conduct an organized effort against irreligious and immoral tendencies in public amusements. At its inception an appeal was made for the cooperation, not only of the Catholic public, but of all God-fearing people who wished to protect themselves and their families against amusements opposed to Christian standards. The principal activity of the organization is a "White List" of plays, published as a suggested, not an imposed guide. In addition, critical "Bulletins" are issued and are given generous space in the Catholic press; correspondence is carried on with pastors, parents, and teachers throughout the country; and fortnightly radio talks are given over station WLWL. The society receives the enthusiastic support of His Eminence Cardinal Hayes, its honorary president, and is under the immediate direction of Monsignor Michael J. Lavelle.

New Catholic Dictionary

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