Choiseul, Étienne François, Duc de

[Etienne Francois, Duc de Choiseul] (1719-1785) French statesman, died Paris. He was ambassador at Rome during the contest between the Parliament and clergy concerning the Bull "Unigenitus," and aided in obtaining Benedict XIV's Bull "Ex Omnibus" (1756), which calmed the dispute. Later at Vienna he allied Austria with France to oppose Prussia. Recalled to Paris, 1758, he organized the French navy against England, and brought about the "Family Compact," or alliance of all the Bourbons. He aided in suppressing the French Jesuits, 1764, and his religious policy aimed at paralyzing the Church. The Duc d'Aiguillon and Mme. du Barry brought about his downfall, 1770, and he was exiled to his estate in Touraine. His brother, Leopold Charles (1724-1781), was Archbishop of Albi and Cambrai.

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