church maintenance

The support of the ministers, institutions, services, and buildings of the Church. This duty is incumbent ou the laity today just as it was under the Old Law and in Apostolic times. The method of fulfilling it varies in different localities and ages. The Church has always endeavored to prevent any abuses or exactions on the part of her ministers, and regulations have been laid down especially by national and provincial councils which the clergy must obey. In the British Isles and the United States the money is usually raised by pew rents or charges for seats, together with special collections; but admission to the church must be free. In parts of Canada a tax based on the civil authorities assessment is levied. In certain European countries the governments pay a small stipend for the clergy's support; this, however, is done not out of generosity, but in pursuance of an agreement with the Holy See to make restitution for the Church properties and revenues already stolen by the civil authorities.

New Catholic Dictionary

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