Pope Clement V

[coat of arms of Pope Clement V] Reigned from 5 June 1305 to 20 April 1314. Born in 1264 in Villandraut, France as Bertrand de Got; died on 20 April 1314 at Roquemaure, France. He was Archbishop of Bordeaux, and thus an English subject, but also a friend of Philip the Fair of France. He took up his residence at Avignon and made it appear that the papacy was a department of the Gallican Church, while the cardinals ruled the Papal States. At Philip's request he began the condemnation of Pope Boniface VIII, suppressed the Templars, withdrew the Bull Clericis Laicos, and absolved Philip from guilt in Nogaret's violences. He excommunicated Robert Bruce for his share in the murder of John Comyn, and completed the Corpus Iuris Canonici.

New Catholic Dictionary

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