Pope Clement VIII

[coat of arms of Pope Clement VIII] Reigned from 30 January 1592 to 5 March 1605. Born Fano, Italy in 1536 as Ippolito Aldobrandini; died in Rome, Italy on 5 March 1605. A cardinal-priest, and noted for his piety, he was a penitent of Saint Philip Neri. Chiefly a spiritual ruler, he revised the Vulgate, Breviary, and Missal, instituted the Forty Hours' Devotion, founded the Scots and Clementine Colleges at Rome, and freed the papacy from Spanish influence. He heard, 1594, a presentation of the controversy between the Jesuits and Dominicans on the question of grace, but gave no decision in favor of either side, until 1598, when he notified each order that they might continue their teaching on the subject but must not deviate from the doctrines of the Church in regard to the question. He ended the Thirty Years' War by absolving Henry IV of Navarre who had abjured Calvinism.

New Catholic Dictionary

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