William Bourke Cockran

Lawyer and congressman, born County Sligo, Ireland, 1854; died Washington, District of Columbia, 1923. Educated in Ireland and France, he came to the United States in 1871. He was admitted to the bar in 1876. He served as a Democrat in Congress 1887-1889, 1891-1895, 1904-1909, and 1921-1923. Believing in the gold standard, he campaigned for William McKinley in 1896; and as a Progressive, for Theodore Roosevelt in 1912. He was a distinguished orator, a far-seeing statesman, and a generous champion of Catholic causes. He was awarded the Lætare Medal in 1901. Co-consecrators, the bishops who assist the presiding bishop at an episcopal consecration. The rule is that they be two in number. They join with the consecrating bishop in the laying on of hands, and pronounce with him over the bishop-elect the words: "Receive the Holy Ghost."

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