Cossa, Baldassare; John XXIII

[coat of arms of anti-pope John XXIII] Antipope, 1415. Born Naples, Italy, c.1370; died Florence, Italy, 1419. He was appointed cardinal-deacon in 1402. His election to the papacy was brought about through the efforts of the Pisan party, the city of Florence, and the House of Anjou. He was ordained priest one day before his uncanonical consecration as pope. Opposing him were Pope Gregory XII, who resigned at the Council of Constance, and the antipope Benedict XIII (Pedro de Luna), with whom he was deposed, 1415, by the Council. It had been convened through the efforts of Emperor Sigismund and solemnly convoked by Gregory XII. Cossa acknowledged Martin V as legitimate pontiff, 1418. He was made Cardinal-Bishop of Tusculum but died shortly after.

New Catholic Dictionary

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