The Westminster Confession

To bring order out of religious chaos, the English Parliament convened an assembly of Protestant divines at Westminster Abbey, 1642. To win over the Scots, Parliament, 1643, ordered the Assembly to frame a suitable Confession of Faith as a common basis of agreement. Dominated by Calvinists, the Assembly submitted the complete "Westminster Confession" to Parliament, 1646. After revisions it was ratified by Parliament, 1647, and by the Scottish Church, and regarded by Presbyterians generally as authoritative. A Larger and a Shorter Catechism were also compiled and approved. These three documents supplanted the earlier standards in the Reformed Churches of English speech. The Confession is the latest and most elaborate of the Reformed creeds. The Westminster Confession, and Catechisms are adopted by the Presbyterians of Scotland, Ulster, and America; and are accepted with modifications by Congregationalists, Regular Baptists, and other newer sects.

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