[map of Cuba] Independent republic occupying the largest island of the West Indies, the Isle of Pines, and small adjacent islands; area, 44,164 square miles. It was discovered by Columbus in 1492, and Christianity was introduced by Spanish missionaries in the 16th century. The diocese of all Cuba was established at Baruca in 1518 by Leo X, and transferred to Santiago de Cuba in 1522. In the beginning of the 19th century Spain began confiscation of Church property which in 1837 extended to Cuba, but in return the state paid large sums for the maintenance of the Church. This support was cut off upon American occupation, and the Church reclaimed its property. The matter was referred to a commission in 1902 and settled by the state's agreement to pay rental on the property. Since the evacuation of Cuba by the Spaniards there is freedom of worship, but the majority of the people are Catholic.

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