Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix

[Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix] Painter, born Charenton-Saint Maurice, near Paris, 26 April 1798; died Paris, France, 13 August 1863. He was the founder, with Jean Louis Gericault, of the French Romantic school. His reputation was made with his "Bark of Dante," 1822, and increased by his "Massacre of Scio" painted two years later, now both in the Louvre. "Christ in the Garden" (1827), in the church of Saint Paul, in Paris, shows his power in depicting suffering. His greatest painting is "The Death of the Bishop of "Liege" (1831), in the Louvre. He is also well known as a painter of oriental subjects. He decorated the library of the Luxembourg with scenes from the "Divine Comedy," and was engaged in decorating the church of Saint Sulpice when he died.

New Catholic Dictionary

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