Heinrich Seuse Denifle

Dominican historian, born Imst, Austrian Tyrol, 1844; died Munich, Germany, 1905. By his studies on Tauler, Eckhart, and Suso, he proved early German mysticism to be based on Catholic theology. While assistant to the general of his order, in Rome, he took up the study of the controversy between the Paris University and the mendicant orders, and in 1885 published a history of the medieval universities which put an end to the misrepresentations of Protestant and other historians about the opposition of the Church to higher education. From 1889-1897 he undertook the publication of the records of Paris University. While searching the Vatican archives for materials for this celebrated work, the wealth of hitherto unknown material which he found led him to write "Luther and Lutheranism," an exposure of the Reformer which his admirers have not been able to discredit.

New Catholic Dictionary

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