John Dillon

[John Dillon] Political leader, born Dublin, Ireland, 1851; died London, England, 1927. Son of John Blake Dillon, educated at University College, Dublin, and member of the Royal College of Surgeons, he entered politics as a Parnellite and was elected to Parliament from Tipperary, 1880. He was arrested and imprisoned the following year for instigating a boycott, and in 1883 his health forced him to retire to a ranch in the United States, but returning, 1885, he was re-elected to Parliament. An ardent supporter of Home Rule, he travelled in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, collecting funds for the Irish cause, at the same time avoiding a term of imprisonment which he later served. Upon the retirement of Parnell he supported Justin McCarthy and later John Redmond, whom he succeeded for a short period as chairman of the Irish Party. He was strongly opposed to the violent activities of the Sinn Fein, and ardently loyal to the Allies during the World War, but an opponent of compulsory service in Ireland. After Parnell, he is chiefly credited with the solution of the land problem in Ireland.

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