Richard Doyle

[Richard Doyle] Painter, illustrator, and caricaturist, son of John Doyle; born London, England, 1824; died there, 1883. He began his career at 15 with "The Eglinton Tournament, or the Days of Chivalry Revived." The next year he commenced his "Journal," now preserved in the British Museum, and reproduced in facsimile, 1885. In 1843 he became a regular contributor to the newly established "Punch." His clever cover design, signed with his monogram, a letter D with a little "dickey-bird," is still used. He resigned from the staff, 1850, as a loyal Catholic unwilling to support the periodical in its bigoted opposition to the restoration of the Catholic hierarchy. He afterwards illustrated "The Newcomes," "The King of the Golden River," "An Old Fairy Tale," and other publications, and painted exceptionally lovely water-colors.

New Catholic Dictionary

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