Louis Duchesne

[Louis Duchesne] Prelate and church historian, member of the French Academy, born Saint Servan, France, 1843; died Rome, Italy, 1922. He was successively professor at the Catholic University of Paris, director at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes, and director of the Ecole Francaise in Rome, a government position which he held up to his death. His best-known works are an edition of the Liber Pontificalis, "Les origines du culte chretien" (Christian Worship) and "Histoire ancienne de l' eglise" (Early History of the Christian Church) which was placed on the Index on account of the disrespectful attitude of the author towards certain saints of the Church. A posthumous work "L' eglise au VI e siecle" (The Church in the Sixth Century) was not condemned.

New Catholic Dictionary

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