Sieur Daniel Greysolon Du Lhut; Sieur Daniel Greysolon Duluth

Pioneer ranger, born Saint Germain-en-Laye, France, 1640; died Montreal, Canada, 1710; an officer in the French army, he went to Canada and took possession of the Sioux country in the name of the King of France. He was the first Canadian to explore the West and for 30 years succeeded in keeping the region west of the Great Lakes under French control. In 1668 he laid the foundation of the post of Detroit. The city of Duluth, Minnesota, takes its name from him. Du Lhut visited the countries around the Great Lakes, 1679-1680. It was during these journeys that he met the Recollect Father Louis Hennepin and his two companions Michel Accault and Antoine Auguelle and rescued them from their captivity among the Sioux Indians.

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