Thomas Dwight

Anatomist and teacher, born Boston, Massachusetts, 1843; died Nahant, Massachusetts, 1911. He became a Catholic in 1856, and graduated from the Harvard Medical School, 1867; after studying abroad, he was instructor in comparative anatomy at Harvard, 1872-1873, lectured also at Bowdoin, and succeeded Oliver Wendell Holmes as Parkman professor of anatomy at Harvard Medical School, 1883. In the Warren Museum of Anatomy at Harvard Dwight arranged a section of osteology, considered one of the best in existence, and he had an international reputation as an anatomist. Among his writings are: "Frozen Sections of a Child" (1872); "Clinical Atlas of Variations of the Bones of the Hands and Feet" (1907); "Thoughts of a Catholic Anatomist" (1911), a valuable work of Christian apologetics.

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