Easter Duty

The obligation of members of the Catholic Church to approach the Sacrament of Penance, if in a state of sin, once a year, and also of receiving the Holy Eucharist, as a mark of fidelity to membership, and under penalty of exclusion from it and all rights as a Catholic. The prescribed time for fulfilling the Easter duty extends: from the first Sunday of Lent to Trinity Sunday, in the United States; from Ash Wednesday to Low Sunday, in England; from Ash Wednesday to the octave of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (6 July), in Ireland; from the first Sunday of Lent to the octave of the Ascension, in Scotland, or in some places to Low Sunday. One may follow the direction of his priest judging it proper for him to abstain for some time, but the precept binds even after the time has expired and is not fulfilled by an unworthy communion. It is recommended that the Paschal communion be received in one's own rite and in one's parish church and if received elsewhere one's pastor should be informed of the fact.

New Catholic Dictionary

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