Johann Eck; Johann Eckius; Johann Maier

[Johann Eck] Theologian, born Eck, Swabia, Germany, 1486; died Ingolstadt, Germany, 1543. After a brilliant career as student and professor he became rector of the University of Ingolstadt. He had been ordained in 1508, and received the degree of Doctor of Theology at twenty- four. With clear insight into the meaning of Lutheranism, he was the first to champion the cause of Catholic teaching against Protestantism and became Luther's ablest opponent. He wrote against Luther's theses, and in the public debate at Leipzig in 1519 he was victorious. With two others he was made papal legate for the execution in Germany of the provisions of the Bull against Luther. He had a considerable share in organizing the Catholic Federation and headed the Catholic champions at the Diet of Augsburg (1530). He likewise combated the heresy in his other works, the most important of which is "Loci communes adversus Lutherum et alios hostes ecclesire" (arguments against Luther and other enemies of the Church). He published a German version of the Scriptures, of which he translated the Old Testament from the original.

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