Jacques André Emery

Superior of the Society of Saint Sulpice, born Gex, France, 1732; died Paris, France, 1811. He taught with distinction in various seminaries and became vicar-general of the Archdiocese of Paris and superior general of the Society of Saint Sulpice. He kept a cool head during the storms of the French Revolution and while ready for the good of religion to go as far as the rights of the Church permitted he was staunch in his opposition to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy. It was he who at Bishop Carroll's request sent the first Sulpicians to the United States. Under Napoleon he reestablished the seminary of Saint Sulpice, but his defense of the pope against the emperor resulted in the expulsion of the Sulpicians from the seminary. He left many writings, which have been published by Migne in his collection of theological works.

New Catholic Dictionary

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